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Translation services

General Translation

The concept of general translation refers to the translation of non-specialised texts without terminological difficulties.

For example:
Correspondence, statements, personal documents, etc.

Sworn Translation

An official translation which certifies to the competent authorities that the translated document legally has the same validity as the original.

For example:
Academic certificates, insurance documents, legal judgements, testimonies, etc.

Specialised Translation

Reference documents which have a very precise terminology (legal, medical, technical, financial, advertising…)

For example:
Contracts, deeds, powers of attorney, legal judgements, etc.

Website Translation

Translations of websites to the language or languages of choice.

A company website is its showcase to the world, representing its values, products and services, as well as presenting an image for which it will be remembered.

Translation in 3 steps

Request a quote

You can request a quote:

Please include a scanned copy or photo of the document(s) to be translated. You can also request a quote personally from our office.

Accepting a quote

You can accept a quote:

  • by email: info@traddoc.com
  • by WhatsApp/telephone: 619 727 139
  • by bank transfer/payment

You can pay for your translation by bank transfer/payment, cash on delivery or in cash at our office.

Receiving a translation

You can receive your translation:

  • by email
  • by recorded delivery
  • by courier

Translations can also be collected in person from the office.


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