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It deals with reference works, which use a very precise terminology and a high level of knowledge of the material to translate. They are aimed at a specific reader and their function is more practical rather than aesthetic.

Specialised translations require not only knowledge of a language or understanding of a text, but also knowing how to reproduce an exact meaning and know its own terminology in the target language, enabling a translation as accurate as possible.

Specialisation areas:

  • Legal and court documents (contracts, legislation, etc.)
  • Notarial documents (deeds, powers of attorney, notarial certificates, wills etc.)
  • Financial documents (economic studies, financial reports, annual accounts, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical and medical documents
  • Human resources documents (CVs, diplomas, etc.)
  • Corporate documents (minutes of board meetings, AGMs, etc.)
  • Documentation for tender processes
  • Advertising and marketing documents (questionnaires, surveys, brochures and leaflets, etc.)
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